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Random Fact #22 – Pens

[Random Facts 1-20]
Random Fact #1 - I love purple
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Random Fact #3 – I’m addicted to stationery
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[Random Fact 21]
Random Fact #21 – I’m going crazy when my room is not tidy, but when I’m away, I couldn’t care less

Random Fact #22 – Pens

Okay, this is also part of my stationery addiction, but I love pens. I love to have all different kinds of pens in all different kinds of colours. I love to use more than one colour when writing things down. For a better overview! Though I always have to pay attention that I’m using colours that match. Or colours of the same colour group, like different shades of blue or green. Whenever I use more than one colour, I also have to sort them by colours when they’re lying on my desk. And when I put them back into the box they belong to. That is really important!

At some point, one box with pens fell down and it was a big mess, so I sorted them again before using them. (But I’m still wondering if the greyish blue should join the blues rather than the greys. Mmh… And yes, the black one is missing. Boooo.)

no title no title

IDK if I should maybe see somebody about this... *g*
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